Wendy Hayward

7th December

Wendy Hayward

Market Harborough Netball

Perfectly summed up in this lovely nomination:

Wendy is from Market Harborough and has been involved with netball for as long as there has been netball in Market Harborough!

However, this year is very different. This year, we have had to find new ways of doing things and Wendy has been at the forefront of getting netball back on court. In the first lockdown, she instigated online sessions and as soon as we were able, organised small group sessions for the youth players on rec spaces. She then worked through the piles and piles of England Netball paperwork and risk assessments to get both youth training and adult league signed off and ready to go. When adults were then banned from playing indoors, she found us an outdoor home, created COVID kit bags, ran training sessions, maintained communications, calmed nerves, helped everyone to understand the adjusted rules and got the adult league running again.

Netball would not be the same without this powerhouse of a lady doing all that she does. I know we tell you every year that she's incredible, but this year, she has smashed it out of the park.

Well done Wendy!

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