Tracey Gardner

19th December

Tracey Gardner

TJ Fitness

Tracey is well known for her energy and drive as an instructor, one of her participants sums up how Tracey has adapted her delivery this year and really thrived

"As soon as coronavirus appeared Tracey set up a website where all her classes are stored and where we can either catch them live or catch up later. She has overcome tremendous technological difficulties, as you can imagine, when the whole world is trying to access the internet or Zoom, and always has a plan B or even a plan C to fall back on. She admits the whole process has kept her sane, but it has also kept a whole group of us, of all ages too, on the straight and narrow and probably fitter than we were at the beginning of 2020! Every week we have a choice of 2, 3 and sometimes 4 classes a day, the variety of which wouldn't be possible to offer viably in the community. There's Zumba and other dance classes, Barre, weights, HIIT classes etc etc; we can just have a go, no one is watching, and you know what they say about dancing when no one is watching, and we can, every week! Tracey has worked hard to keep us fit happy, in contact and sane during these very trying time!"

Well done Tracey!

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