Nikki Wells

12th December

Nikki Wells

Nikki Wells - Nikki Fit - More Fitness

Nikki's nominations read:

"Nikki is a Les Mills Grit and Pump instructor at More fitness. She is an excellent instructor, always so thorough and willing to take time to correct people, provide advice with any injuries. She is also good at pushing people with their limits, giving them confidence to have a go, but she always works to the person's abilities and individual needs. During lockdown she went above and beyond giving streamed private classes for gym members and other groups, she also streamed classes for the gym. She offered to give people tailored personal training programmes- all for nothing. She was always ready to help with anything."

"Throughout lockdown Nikki has provided free online support offering zoom fitness classes, nutrition support and full encouragement and guidance. All in her own time and free. She has given to so many, and not wanted anything in return"

Well done Nikki!

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