Process Changes to Physical Activity Referral in Leicestershire

Posted: Fri, 8 Dec 2023 09:52

Process Changes to Physical Activity Referral in Leicestershire

From December 11th, 2023, healthcare professionals will no longer be asked to clinically refer most people who require support to become active. The changes seek to ease pressure on the system by reducing unnecessary clinical appointments and bureaucratic administrative processes. They also serve to empower people to become more accountable for the health and to widen the opportunities that people can access.

Where possible, healthcare professionals are being encouraged to send pre-set SMS's to anyone requiring support to become active. The SMS will direct people to a new contact form which on completion will be triaged by the local physical activity service to support access to suitable physical activity opportunities.

Leicestershire and Rutland healthcare settings will shortly receive a new batch of 'tear-off' leaflets which will be handed to people to complement the SMS or as an alternative way of signposting to the local physical activity service. Electronic versions of these leaflets can be requested by contacting the local physical activity service or downloaded directly from the Active Together website

This new process has evolved to support anyone wishing to move in a way that matters most to them, not just those living with long term health conditions. People will be offered a broader suite of physical activity opportunities including but not limited to guided walks, community classes, beginner sports sessions, and supported leisure centre schemes. Most of these services are not free.

Please note these changes only apply to people residing in Leicestershire. Equivalent services and processes that support Leicester City and Rutland residents remain the same.

For more information please contact Andrew Harris, Development Manager, Active Together 01509 467483

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