Team Leicestershire: Year 7, 8 and 10 Netball Finals

Posted: Thu, 2 Feb 2023 09:13

Team Leicestershire: Year 7, 8 and 10 Netball Finals

On January 23rd, we held the Team Leicestershire Netball Finals night for Years 7, 8 and 10 at Loughborough University's Netball Centre. The quality of the netball was outstanding, and everyone showed great spirit and sportsmanship. It was also fantastic to see so many spectators supporting their schools and creating an amazing atmosphere in the centre, we're sure the enthusiasm from the crowd rubbed off on all the players!

In Year 7, after overcoming every other school in the county, our finalists were Saint Martins Catholic Academy and St Pauls Catholic School. It was an extremely tight game with the lead changing hands on several occasions, the defending of both teams making the attacking players have to work extra hard to create chances to score. Each time one school took the lead and it looked like they were on top, the other side would show fantastic team spirit to battle back into the game again. Going into the final quarter it was still anyone's guess as to who would come out on top. Eventually, Saint Martins established a crucial two point lead, and despite their best efforts this proved a step too far for St Pauls to overcome.

Both teams played amazing netball and the game was a brilliant one to watch, it most certainly kept us all on the edge of our seats!

Winners – Saint Martins Catholic Academy (8)

R/U – St Pauls Catholic School (6)

Reaching the final in Year 8 following another tough qualification process across the county were: Saint Martin's Catholic Academy and Lutterworth High. Not to be outdone by the Year 7 final, this was another great game to watch with St. Martins looking to establish an early lead. To their immense credit, Lutterworth fought hard to ensure that they were always in the game. There was some great attacking netball, and some admirable composure whenever the attacking players got into scoring positions. The level of shooting was very high with both teams scoring some incredible goals! St. Martins extended their lead throughout the third and final quarter, however Lutterworth showed great spirit and never gave up.

Winners - Saint Martin's Catholic Academy (14)

R/U – Lutterworth High (8)

In Year 10, once again Lutterworth High and Saint Martin's made it all the way, making it a repeat of the Year 8 final. Again, our finalists didn't let us down and treated us to some tremendous netball skills. Lutterworth had established a healthy lead by the end of the first quarter, but had to be at the very top of their game throughout the match to ensure the lead remained intact, as Saint Martin's refused to give up. The standard of netball was very high and both teams defence and shooting abilities were fantastic. What really stood out during this encounter was the team spirit and respect for each other and the umpires, so we must congratulate both teams demonstrating those essential values. It was an excellent way to finish the night as a whole! Lutterworth were able to maintain their lead as match continued to eventually claim a deserved win.

Winners - Lutterworth High (23)

R/U - Saint Martin's Catholic Academy (7)

A huge thanks go to everyone involved in making the night such a success and our gratitude in particular goes to Val, Kathy and their team of officials and volunteers, and Loughborough University for hosting us. Thank you to all the school staff for your hard working in getting the teams to the finals, and all the spectators who were there to cheer the players on.

We hope everyone enjoyed the finals night and hopefully we will see you again soon at a future Team Leicestershire County Final event!

The full photo album can be found on our Facebook page.

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