Blog: Self-Appreciation and Gratitude

Posted: Mon, 11 May 2020 13:00

My little retreat from what was once my norm.

It can often be all too easy when starting out any adventure not to give praise where it is due.

Life can catch anyone off guard and running life on autopilot begins…Who knew this would be so detrimental? From experience, happiness and fulfilment are compromised a lot and it soon becomes the norm to question constantly.

In April last year (2019) I felt overwhelmed by everything. That being said I owned my circumstances and began to move forward. I made many changes on and off the track, it was the right thing to do.

Hitting reset, in mind and body was needed. (For those of you that follow my blog posts – "My Jubilee Sailing Trust Adventure" very much confirmed the importance of hitting reset.

I returned home and the next day was back on the track, it felt amazing!

An opportunity to step back, invest in myself first, learning to appreciate myself and finding value in my own identity again is such a blessing. I sit tall proud of myself appreciating all that I have accomplished from then until now.

Here we are five months into the year of 2020, it is certainly making it's mark! I have learnt from the above and know that I am incredibly fortunate. Life is the unknown more than ever right now, I acknowledge all that I have had, all that I have, all that I am and all that I will be.

Training is going well. I love the challenge and I am excited to get back on the track at the earliest opportunity. Until than I will remain in my homely bubble thankful I can train. I have my rollers, group training (the virtual kind) and the space to complete my strength and conditioning workouts and my yoga practise.

I find gratitude like never before, appreciating my adventure for all it's worth, and everything I have experienced and felt. I have recharged my energy and started the beginnings of my greater self.

(Source: Paige Murray, T34 Wheelchair Racer)

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