Liz Adams

14th December

Liz Adams

WellNow!! Exercise For Health

Liz is a local physical activity superstar, year after year she motivates hundreds of people to get active in a fun way. This year she has gone the extra mile with lots of online content and socially distanced group sessions. Liz is a real grafter, always looking for new ways to help people.

Here's a few of the nominations for her:

"Liz goes far and beyond. She's an excellent and dedicated trainer who knows everyone's abilities. Her care and love for people overgrown everyone expectations, especially in this very difficult time for all. I personally, still recovering from COVID-19, received lots of benefit and care from Liz's exercise and those who exercised with me. These both interaction with others and a watchful eye of a very caring and professional trainer, helped me a lot, both physically and mentally to achieve a lot of positive thinking. Thank God for Liz! She's irreplaceable and I unreservedly nominate her for this award. If I had the powers, I would nominate her for the Noble Prize!"

"Liz is fantastic organising getting us oldies keeping fit so encouraging very supportive willing to listen and takes everybody as an individual always a smile on her face!... Liz encourages us to be out there in all weathers all year round motivating us.. She has a terrific personality and a wonderful instructor... Her online classes during COVID has been 100% commitment.. She has given her ALL and deserves to be recognised..."

Well done Liz!

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