Keeping Active

Build physical activity into your daily routine, if possible. Most of us don't have exercise equipment like treadmills where we live, but there are still activities you can do. Exercising at home can be simple and there are options for most ages and abilities, such as:

  • cleaning your home
  • dancing to music
  • going up and down stairs
  • seated exercises
  • online exercise workouts that you can follow
  • sitting less – if you notice you've been sitting down for an hour, just getting up or changing position can help

For more information on how to stay active at home visit our 'Self Help - Physical Activity At Home' page:self-help

Sedentary Time

Being stuck in doors may lead to an increase of sitting in your daily routine.

It is important to break up your sitting time with 3-5 minutes bouts of exercise as often as you can to prevent any help risks associated with sedentary time.

To find out more about how you and your family can keep active whilst at home visit our self help page