Jane Strachan

5th December

Jane Strachan

Pickleball Harborough

Jane has really grown a fantastic community of Pickleball players, with most players being 'of a certain age'. She's set this up entirely from scratch and has continued to grow the community and secure future outdoor court markings for next summer.

Here is an excerpt from a piece Jane wrote for Pickleball England:

"I was determined we should bring pickleball to Market Harborough and we managed to find enough interested people who wanted to have a go. Sam kindly offered to come over and bring some equipment that we could borrow and to give us all some lessons. Sam travelled over to us for three weeks and then we were on our own! That was in October 2019.

To enable us all to continue playing, David and I bought two sets of nets and posts, eight paddles and some balls, as well as having a borrowed set from Sam. We eventually bought another net and more paddles/balls enabling us to give the borrowed set back to Sam.

By March 2020 we were getting approximately 24 players each week, the majority of whom had been with us since week one, but new players were joining us gradually. Then of course the dreaded Coronavirus arrived, and lockdown, which scuppered any plans for expansion or tournament participation.

I firmly believe that pickleball is a great game for all ages and abilities, however I also think it really suits children from about the age of eight, and in an ideal world should be taught in all primary schools. It is also clearly a great game for those of us 'over a certain age' as it not only helps with physical agility but also helps with mental agility. After all, as well as trying to remember the score and work out who should be serving, there are tactics, techniques and strategies to think about! I have played with eight-year olds and 80 year-olds and they could easily have played together or against each other, it doesn't matter."

Well done Jane!

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