Active Anita

Learning South Leicestershire School Sports Partnership (LSLSSP) have developed a 14 day home activity challenge with the help of our mascot Active Anita, which combines fun physical, mental and social activities to maintain and improve overall health.

The activities will be available on our social media pages whereby children and parents can take part in the new fun activities at home every day for 14 days. The activities are easy to follow by taking a look at the posters and videos displayed on LSLSSP's social media pages.

The home activities aim to support schools and parents during this uncertain time to work with children to improve their health. Evidence suggests that being active has many physical, mental and social benefits.

Parents are encouraged to engage with the home activities and participate with their children. Parents and children can also share their progress with us and Active Anita throughout the 14 day home activity challenge.

Share your activities and progress on twitter:


@futureactive ( using #commit2fit.

Anita wants to know how you are getting on!

Please ensure that you perform activities in a safe space, removing objects that could become a trip hazard. It is important that all participants follow the correct hygiene procedures set out from the Government and only venture out of the home when it is safe to do so.

We hope you enjoy competing in Active Anita's 14 Day Home Activity Challenge and look forward to seeing your progress.